Rankings are comparisons of different adaptations. These may include films, miniseries, or radio dramas as a whole, or how those media portray different portions or aspects of the source material.


Ranking Rochesters: Best Rochesters in Jane Eyre Adaptations

He's one of the most complex and magnetic romantic heroes in English literature, and we Bronteaholics can't get enough of him. More than ten actors have portrayed Edward Fairfax Rochester in TV and film over the decades. Which ones rise to the occasion, and which leave this "Eyre head" disappointed? Join me as I rank the best and worst portrayals of Mr. Rochester. 


Ranking Jane Eyre Adaptations

This blog post ranks the 12 widely-available english TV and film adaptations of Jane Eyre. Use this as a first timer deciding which adaptations of the novel to try first, or see where your favorite adaptations line up compared to this Bronteaholic! This blog is an interactive experience, and I welcome and encourage any and all comments and discussion. 


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